Finnciti commenced its operation on 28th May 2007 and the company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, B.V.I. It is a real-time online game of strategy that simulates the development of a city. Since its inception, Finnciti has consistently developed our product as a leading city simulation environment where gamers from all over the world could build a city blueprint of their own. Our online gaming environment is rich and vivid in features. Besides constructing houses or buildings to earn coins, gamers may also use their accumulated coins to play in an in-game simulated share market or participate in an in-game jackpot to earn luxury-branded goods in real life, thus enhancing their quality of life.

In this game, gamers trade with the commodity, Robots, that is necessary to continue developing their cities. The reference trading platform uses a “sell in 3 transactions, buy in 3 transactions” formula to trade this commodity. Thus, gamers will learn to master concepts of a financial market such as supply and demand, circulation, market cycles, multiplying one’s assets, compound interest, building and managing one’s assets and funds, as well as gain knowledge in the financial and commercial world. Gamers are monitored under a fair and stringent gaming environment with rules and regulations, so that they can experience the joy in constructing their simulated city and building their virtual wealth and assets.

Finnciti Gaming Company solemnly declare that every single gamer must participate voluntarily and be aware of and understand the rules and regulations of the game. All gamers are responsible for their own gaming account and are to ensure the security of their gaming account in order to register and participate in the game. Please be advised that this company is not an investment or fund-raising company. Finnciti is a gaming platform designed to educate its users in managing their own assets. The company does not guarantee any income or fixed returns from the game. Gamers should not participate in the game with the intention of investing or speculating their funds. All risks and consequences thereof are the sole responsibility of the gamer. In participating in this game, all gamers agree to comply with the laws and regulations of their respective countries and to bear all legal responsibilities. Finnciti reserves the right to the final interpretation of the terms of use as it is published on this web site.
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